Qualitätsverbesserungsmittel (english)

The Qualitätsverbesserungsmittel are provided to the universities by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia to improve teaching and study conditions. The allocation of these funds was decided by the Düsseldorfer Landtag on March 1, 2011 and is considered compensation for the discontinuation of tuition fees. How the money is spent is specified by the university in a decree. Especially for our course of studies, the student council has established additional guidelines to ensure a fair and sensible use of the funds.

A committee consisting of two representatives of the lecturers, one representative of the academic staff and three students decides on investments for the respective semester.

Among other things, the tutorials, our book lending service and study-related excursions or trips to symposia are financed by these funds. But also running costs for the semester, such as library costs and money for the implementation of the compulsory internships are covered by the QV funds.

For the funds that you can request directly from us, you can download the corresponding forms below. In order to ensure a smooth process, we ask you to read the guidelines carefully.

You can apply for a support of 40€ for the printing of your bachelor/master thesis and partial refund for travel expenses to symposia.
You can find the contact details of the student council here.

Important: Please sign the form and send it together with the original invoice to the Student Council. If you don't use the form or only send a copy of the invoice, you won't get any money from us.

Printing costs for theses

How do I submit the application for refunding of the printing costs for bachelor/master thesis?

1. Download the document "Erstattung Fachschaft Druck.docx".

2. Fill out the document as shown in the sample application ("Erstattung Fachschaft Druck_Beispielantrag").

3. Tape the receipt received from the copy store to a white sheet of paper.

4. Send the receipt (original, not a copy!) and the filled in application by post to the Student Council.

When do I use which form?

If you have only received an unaddressed receipt from the copy store (mostly the case), you use the attached refund form "Invoice".

However, if you have received a real invoice with address, and the address does NOT say "University of Bonn" first, you must fill out the attached self-receipt. If you have any questions about how to fill out the self-receipt, please contact the Student Council.

Travel expenses for congress visits