Systems Biology & Bioinformatics

Credit Points: 4.5 CP


Duration: 1 semester


Examination Type: Written exam


Content & Further Information:

The lecture series/module “Systems Immunology, Bioinformatics and Big Data Science” covered a broad range of topics, including the workflow in sequencing data analysis with some parts focused on (e.g. dimensionality reduction), some basic concepts of computational sciences and a few examples of applied bioinformatics in immunological research (e.g. delineating dendritic cell differentiation). In a tutorial part, very basic concepts of data analysis were explained and some R packages for different applications were presented. All lecturers work at the LIMES institute.

As the lecture contents are rather new and less connected to things one had learned before, it takes a little more effort to study for the exams. Apart from that, there is only one seminar to prepare and a short talk, so in general the workload is not much higher compared to other lecture-based modules. Still, one would probably work too much for it, given that you get only 4.5 LP for it (only 2.25 weights for the final grade).

Due to the broad introduction into bioinformatics and computational sciences, there is probably no book, which covers every part of the lecture. Usually, additional information can be found easily online, if lecture contents were not understood or one has more interest in certain topics.