Immunology 2

Credit Points: 3


Duration: 1 semester


Examination Type: Written exam

Content & Further Information:


The second immunology lecture deals with cells and mechanisms belonging to the adaptive immune system. The six weeks of lectures are split in half, whereas the first half of lectures is held by LIMES professors and the second half by professors from the university hospital (Venusberg).

A week consists of 2 days with lectures and two days with seminars, where a student has to present a paper about current research fitting the topic of the week. Especially the paper presentations provide a great platform to improve presentation skills and to learn how to hold scientific presentations.



  • LIMES lectures
    • B- & T cell development
    • Ways of antigen presentation
    • Vaccines & immune memory
    • Chemokines & cell migration
  • Venusberg lectures
    • T cell effector functions
    • Conventional & Non-conventional T cells
    • Innate functions of T cells
    • Immunometabolism
    • Tolerance & autoimmunity
    • Chronic inflammations