Immunology 1

Credit Points: 3


Duration: 1 semester


Examination Type: Written exam

Content & Further Information:

Bonn as a centre for innate immunity research offers a big variety of research groups working on several topics. With the lecture in innate immunity, most of these topics are covered, that often includes additional content about the researcher’s personal research.

Topics include:

  • Evolution of the innate immune system
  • Cells of the innate immune system
  • Acute phase responses
  • Innate immunity pathways, e.g.
    • Toll-like receptors
    • NOD-like receptors
  • Inflammasome pathways, e.g.
    • NLRP3
    • AIM2
  • Pathologies connected to the innate immune system


Additionally to the lecture, weekly seminars are held by students, which present current research papers, in order to improve presenting skills as well as critical scientific reading.