Genomics & Epigenetics

Credit Points: 4.5 CP


Duration: 1 semester


Examination Type: Written exam


Content & Further Information:



  • Structural Genomics – Human variation & Comparative approaches
  • Structural Epigenomics
  • Transcriptome – Coding & non-coding
  • Sequencing technologies – DNA, RNA, Epigenome, single cell RNA-seq
  • Immunological application of Sequencing technologies (one lecture for each)


Techniques covered:

  • Different NGS sequencing technologies:
    • Sequencing by ligation
    • Sequencing by synthesis
    • Single molecule real-time sequencing
    • Synthetic approaches
  • Different RNA-seq approaches:
    • Total RNA, targeted RNA, ribo-seq, 3’-seq, Frag-seq, PARS-seq (for structure)
  • Different Sequencing methods of the Epigenome:
    • ATAC-seq, ChIP-Seq, NOME-seq,…
  • Different Single cell sequencing approaches:
    • SMART-seq, MARS-seq, Drop-seq, Fluidigme C1, CITE-seq, SeqWell,….


Presentations for a seminar had to prepared which were quite work intense sometimes as we were given papers including state-of-the-art techniques that we had to understand and present. To follow the course in general, paying attention during the lecture & sometimes reading the lectures during the week was sufficient