Rental terms and conditions

1.  Rental and administration of any item reside with the persons empowered by the student council.
2.  Books, pipettes and other objects are to be treated with reason and care.
3.  Any damages must be immediately reported to the student council.
4.  Every item must be returned by no later than 184 days after the day of rental. An extension of the rental period is possible.  
5. The lending person commits to check the items for discernible defects. If defects are not announced, the defects are imposed to the lending person. A charge will be raised according to the defects.
6. The items need to be returned on time (see 4.) If the date of return is missed, overdue fines will be raised: The charge per 2 weeks and per item are 2.50€.
7. Change of email address: Please let us know, if you change your email  address.
8. Liability: The lending person is liable for the lent items. If the items are lost or not handed in after 3 months after overrunning of the lending period, the costs for replacement need to be borne by the lending person. The reinstatement value of the item (up to 90€) must be repaid.
9. Pipettes and FlowJo Dongles can only be rent in exchange for 50.00€ deposit. The wireless presenter can only be rent in exchange of 15.00€ deposit. If these items are returned in time and soundness, the deposit will be given back to you. If not, we will apply your fines against your deposit.

The student council, Bonn, 12 th  December 2017