Rental terms and conditions


  1. Rental and administration of any item reside with the persons empowered by the student council.
  2. Books, pipettes and other objects are to be treated with reason and care.
  3. Any damages must be immediately reported to the student council.
  4. Every item must be returned by no later than 184 days (6.5 months) after the day of rental. This does not apply if the rental period is extended in time.
  5. If the date of return is missed, overdue fines will be raised. We charge 2.50€ per week of overdraft. Each week, this amount will be added to your fine if you do not return your item. The maximum charge is 15.00€ (= 6 weeks).
  6. After 6 weeks of overdraft, you will be charged the original price of the unreturned item.
  7. Fines are raised per item and not per person.
  8. Pipettes and FlowJo Dongles can only be rent in exchange for a 50.00€ deposit. If these items are returned in time and soundness, the deposit will be given back to you. If not, we will apply your fines against your deposit.
  9. If you move and your address changes and/or if your e-mail address changes, you are held to inform the student council immediately. If the overdue notice for your items does not reach you because of an altered e-mail address that you did not inform us about, the usual charges will be raised (see 5.)
  10. You will be held responsible for any rent object in full volume. In case of severe damages or loss of an item, the original price must be paid.

The student council, 29/09/14