The human gut microbiome: Stratification, variation and association to diseases

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Dr. habil. Peer Bork
8.07.2014, 19.15h
Stucksaal, Poppelsdorfer Schloss
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Microbes live in, on and around us all the time, contributing
approximately 2 kilograms to our body masses. The vast majority of
these microbes live in our guts and most of them are essential for our
health. Breaking this balance may have various consequences such
as obesity or inflammatory diseases.
Bork indentified three Enterotypes of the gut flora as well as different
genetic markers, characterising everyones personal microbal


He studied biochemistry at the University of Leipzig and habilitated at
the Department of Theoretical Biophysics of the Humboldt University
in Berlin. He was ranked Europeans "hottest" researcher during
2004/05 by Science and won the Nature Award for Creative Mentoring
in 2008. Moreover he is Cofounder of several Pharma AG´s.
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