Evolutionary and experimental biology of ageing: What can we learn from noncanonical model organisms?

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Ph. D. Dario Valenzano
4.06.2014, 19.15h
Stucksaal, Poppelsdorfer Schloss
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Life expectancy is a species-specific phenotype, and results
from the complex interaction between the genome and the
environment. Whereas two major molecular pathways have
been identified in non-vertebrates, it is time to shed light on
gene families that are specifically relevant to vertebrate ageing,
such as those involved in stem cells maintenance, cancer and
adaptive immunity!


To this end, Max-Planck Research Group leader Ph.D Dario
Riccardo Valenzano developed a novel vertebrate model
organism for ageing research. He focusses to answer the
fundamental question of whether genes involved in modulating
adult lifespan are under selection.
Ph.D Dario Riccardo Valenzano worked as Research Associate
for Stanford University and got several Young Researcher