Cell biology of RNA silencing: Turning miRNAs INside OUT

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Dr. Bogdan Mateescu
10.06.2013, 19.15h
Stucksaal, Poppelsdorfer Schloss
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Thema des Schlossgesprächs

MicroRNA – a small RNA molecule that is known to regulate proteinbiosythesis
by repressing the expression of specific mRNAs. But could there be more to this
little „regulator molecule“? Is it possible that miRNA is not only of great
importance within the cell, but plays an equally essential role extracellularly? Dr.
Bogdan Mateescu has devoted his research to the clarification of the plenty,
mostly unresolved, functions of miRNA, such as its possible impact on human
cancer progression and chemosensitivity, RNA silencing and even the concept of
milk miRNAs being a potent cell-to-cell signalling molecule between mothers
and infants.


Starting his carrer with a B.S. in molecular and cellular biology (2001 ) at the
École normale supérieur de Lyon, he continued his research at the University
Pierre and Marie Curie in Paris, where he attained his Masters Degree and later
his Ph.D in molecular biology (2006). Further, he was notably among the recent
awarded (201 2) from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for his research
regarding miRNA in mother milk and the resulting signalling pathway.